22 August 2009

Spam: "It's nice to feel important" ~ August 21st

So I get an odd assortment of spam, thanks to my e-mail provider. It claims to have a filter for that kind of thing but I have yet to find it, so I am left to suffer with half annoyance, half amusement, the daily ritual of deleting unwanted mail. Sometimes the subject line is just too interesting to pass over and I end up opening the file. It would be interesting to take a picture of the various expressions those spam emails tempt onto my face. There's various classifactions of spam, I've found. There's the "Quick, Quick! We have a to-die-for sale!!" spam. Then there's the "You need to be indignant about this issue of importance concerning such and such" spam. And the "This is the government here, trying to convince you to do something for us, after which we'll tax you for it" spam. Then the strange "My name is _ and I live in _ country, please give me money" spam. Thanks to my scholarship Google search a year ago, there's also the "You are getting lazy! Why aren't you applying for this huge scholarship we are giving out?!?" spam. Or the "Don't you know you're poor!? Let us help you learn how to pay your bills and in the process get you further in debt!" spam. These are just a few examples. Oh and I also randomly get an e-mail from time to time from the "Society of Irish Americans" or something like that (I can't remember exactly what it's called), wanting me to become more active in their organization. Ha. Funny; the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Society of Women Engineers have been pleading the same thing ever since I became a member.....yeah.....I should probably take their e-mails more seriously.....Ah, and then there's the "Erin! You're on someone's mind!" or - the latest one - the "Erin! One person has Googled you!" spam. Those humor me to no end. It's usually some network that's trying to match me up with someone who I'm compatable with, or reunite me with high school classmates from some city that I've never lived in. I will say, though, the Google one is a first. I've never been Googled before!!...at least not by anyone other than myself...*ahem*....yeeeeeah...Ha. Well, as long as I view the spam e-mails as a never-ending source of entertainment, I guess I can live with them. I'm sure I've made my professor laugh too, since the spam has found me frequently dashing the not-even-6 yds distance from my lab to his office in order to laughingly relate the latest ridiculous e-mail I received. Ah, Se' la Vi !!! Hmm; I bet there's a program out there to help me improve my French....I'll probably receive an ad about it tomorrow.....


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