21 September 2009

"because You Are" ~ September 21st

I awoke to the darkness and watched as the early morning sunrise revealed the hills in their misty veils. Fall is coming; the air is crisper and the sun doesn't shine as thickly. The view from my window has been gradually changing, as the trees show new golden fingertips. I was overwhelmed by the thought of our amazing God, who is ever the same yet always new. I could not help but want to lift my hands in praise, for all He is to me and how he has blessed me. Even in this land, far away from all I know, Jesus is still here for me, my best and closest Friend. ~E.

Oh my eyes have seen your light,
And my heart has seen your way.
I'm astounded by your might,
And your will I will obey

'cause You Are
The same time One and Three.
And You Are
Omniscient Being
And You Are
Redeemer of the Day
And You Are
The Everlasting Way
I Stand upon your truth
In the glory of your day
Right here I'll stay with you
I your love I will remain
song courtesy of my multi-musical friend J : -)

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  1. I love you sister! You are so beautiful, inside and out! I really enjoy reading your posts. :)

    BIG HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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