22 September 2009

A Cape of White Over the Morning ~ September 23rd

"Fog's rollin' in off the East River bank
Like a shroud it covers Bleeker Street
Fills the alleys where men sleep
Hides the shepherd from the sheep..."

I first thought of this song today, when I saw the fog this morning. It will take a while to get used to the fog here in Reutlingen. I woke up very early, even though class didn't start until 11 am, so I could practice the piano with the new music I had bought yesterday: Bach's Inventions. But it was strange waking up to the darkness, and then peering out my window, and only seeing faint circles of light, glowing out from the fog like cat's eyes, and the my now-familar hills shrouded in white......I walked over in the cool morning air to the building with the piano, and sat down for a hour and half of practice. I had the whole large room to myself, with its large ceiling-to-floor windows that I love so much. On one side, you have a glimpse of the town below, through the trees, and on the other, you have the path that leads into the center of the campus. It feels as if I have an audience of nature to surround my playing, and I have this feeling of quiet peacefulness when I am there, all alone but filled to the brim with the enjoyment of music. It is wonderful to find something so familar here like music for company.

"...I head a church bell softly chime
In a melody sustainin'
It's a long road to Caanan
On Bleeker Street
Bleeker Street" (S&G)


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