10 September 2009

Deutschland! ~ August 27th-28th

Well, Germany is everything I expected and more. Our first days here have been filled with walking and more walking and trying to adjust to the time change. Our big 7-hr flight to Zurich went without a hitch, but then we were delayed with our transfer plane to Stuttgart because apparently something was wrong with the air conditioning. So we boarded the plane, sat for 20 minutes, and then ended up just having get off again and wait for another plane. Most of us were very tired, having slept little on the plane, so some people dozed off while waiting on the plane and when we had to get off, were like, "Huh?What?? Are we there already??" Ha. But we did get to Reutlingen eventually, a couple hours later than we were supposed to. We all were kindof glad of that, because it meant we had to skip the tour around downtown that was planned for us to do.....none of us were saddened by the loss. All we wanted to do is crash. By the time we all got settled, we had been awake for over 35 hrs. Ugh.

We had to get up again the next morning to take the tour that we had missed and get our bus cards and train passes...and go shopping for food. More walking. It's about a 25 minute walk downtown and we've walked back and forth at least four times in this day. My poor legs are not used to being exercised that much...so they're very tired and sore. I woke up this morning and was like "Uggggggh. I feel like I've run a marathon," my muscles ached so much. And today we're going off to Trieberg (southern Germany) in the Black Forest, to see Germany's longest waterfall and a mountain lake.....so it's more walking!!!! Uch, I just want pain meds and a soft bed to fall asleep in! I'll tell you how it is when I get back :-)


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