20 September 2009

Week of Classes: What We Do vs. What We Actually Learn

I. EUROPEAN ECONOMICS: Eating more gelato is a great way to stimulate the local economy and support family businesses. Suits me.

II. GERMAN LIFE & CULURE: HoHum. Learning how to use the train schedule....ummm. Yeah. We've already travelled on the train and know how to do that. Learning how to book a hostel.......that would be MUCH more helpful.

III. DEUTSCH 204: "Dies ist Professor Boffins Haus. Es ist am Morgen. Professor Boffin und seine Frau fruehstuecken..." oh wait....its lunch time....and we are at the Brixners for food, followed by a "strenous" linguistic exercise, translating a German poem. Herr Brixner: "No No!! You must make the 's' more pronounced! say 'der SCHloss in SCHTuttgarT' ...Again! Again!"

IV. ART: Hard at work here in art class. We have a very challenging adgenda, including charades. *stuffy British voice* "And here, you see a 21st century photograph, reenacting of the infamous The Rape of the Sabine Women. The use of men here instead of the statue's original three women is representative of the evolution of gender roles among today's youth. Please note the anguished expression on the lower male's face, which can be viewed as a cry against the tyranny of social bondange, whether that is from prejudice or...."

images courtesy of Jon Larson

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