04 February 2010

Two Months Later.... ~ February 4th

Over two months later, and it looks like I've been neglecting my blog, ha. Sorry about that. So what have I been up to since my last post? Well....

  • Said goodbye to the Valpo group :-(
  • Christmas shopped at the Christkindlesmarkt

  • Baked Christmas cookies!

  • Took my first German engineering final

  • First big snow

  • Got to see a real Christmas tree from the Black Forest, all lit up with candles!

  • First Christmas away from home

  • Had venison stew for Christmas dinner

  • Ate lots of chocolate

  • Wandered around an empty dorm, got excited when I bumped into another person for the first time in three days.


  • Felt like a little kid at the Natural History Museum in Frankfurt am Main. Heehee Dinosaurs!

  • Went to a Gospel Choir concert at the New Years Eve Gala. WooHoo!!

  • Rang in 2010 with fireworks, champagne, singing, and wonderful friends

  • Read a 1000-pg book in 4 days. Gotta love Ken Follett.

  • Snow Snow Snow!!! for a week

  • Ice skating!! and climbed the Achalm

  • Visited Einstein's birthplace and saw the tallest church cathedral in the world (Ulm)

  • Spent a magical two days in Freiburg and the Black Forest
  • Flew off to Ireland

  • Laid siege to the medieval castle of Killkenny....ha. jk. Just ate lunch there.

  • Hiked over 20 km around the Killarney National Park

  • Went through Kinder chocolate withdrawal. Sorry Cadbury. You're not good enough.

  • Saw the western-most point in Ireland.

  • Splashed in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time in 4 years.

  • Biked around the Aran Islands

  • Saw a 2000 B.C. fortress. Wow. Awesome!

  • Hung out with awesome people in my Inis Mor hostel (think thriller movies, awesome homemade chef-worthy dinner, rainy days, and story-telling over good Irish beer)

  • Watched the sunset over Galway.


  • Woke up at 4 am for my flight back to the continent.

  • Tried to fathom how it could be almost spring in Ireland but still deep in winter in Germany.

  • Woke up (literally) to a new roommate

  • Did massive amounts of laundry

  • Started on this blog.....

And here we are! There's a massive amount of photos I've posted on Picasa, but some of them turned out really well, so I hope you have some time to look through them.

Off for walk!


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