25 April 2010

My Internship - "Picture Perfect!"

My work at PGS is always interesting. Wait. I take that back. It's not always interesting; like any job, it has it's low or boring points. So I'll revise that statement. My work at PGS is always full of variety. I am never quite sure what they give me next. For one thing, I am basically their office Jane-of-all-trades. That alone means I have a flexible job description. For another thing, there is still many tasks that I haven't done yet, so there is always something new to learn. The more I learn, the more I am able to assist the people in my office. Which, not surprisingly, is how I have found myself in the position of amateur photographer. Not quite the first thing I would think of when I hear the word "civil engineering intern" but, hey......When you are the foreign civil engineering intern, you take what you can get.

I can't really complain too much After all, the camera provides me a an easy excuse to be on the construction site. Without it, a random girl with a construction hat just watching the work might look a little out of place. With the camera, the workers don't give me much pause, except when they see me focusing on them, in which case, they usually give me a big grin and try to pose with the equipment. It makes me chuckle sometimes. But in all truth, I view the camera as my pass to free observation of the work around me.

It all began back in February. When I first started work, they had me take over the task of daily documenting the construction progress This means going out twice a day with the camera and walking around to the same 9 places to take panorama photos of the site. After a while, I began to be asked if I had photos of one thing or another, so they could use them in presentations and such. So I began to not just make the normal photos of the site, but also take more snapshots of individual workers and machines. Then, one day the assistant project manager, Herr Eder, had the idea to have a "photo wall" along the mail office hallway so visitors could have a glimpse of the construction work over the past few months. Then came the photo-of-the-week idea "Blick hinter den Bauzaun" (glimpse behind the fences) for our website.... The result being I spend part of my days learning the intricacies of a fancy Nikon camera and discovering the new joy and double reward in photography. Not only do I get to do something I enjoy - taking pictures - but I get to take photographs of something I love - civil engineering.

The fortunate side-advantage of this part of my job is that you, my dear readers, are able to take a peak into my work world, something that would otherwise be less possible. As for me, the next time I get bored at work, I'll be picking up the camera and hard hat and heading outside!

"Blick hinter den Bauzaun" (check back for a new one each week!):

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