26 June 2010

Tübingen Rosenfest

I had been looking forward to the Tübingen Rose Festival for a while, ever since I stumbled upon the information about it while working online, which was way back in April. The weekend came, and not surprisingly, it was rainy (we've been having a cool and rainy long spring). But by mid-afternoon when I was in Tübingen it had stopped raining and cleared up enough so that I could enjoy the festival without being soaked :-D

As someone commented, it was a very "Erin" festival. It certainly was ;-) Anyone who knows me well knows I absolutely love roses and have since I was little (Beauty and the Beast remains one of my favorite movies still) And this festival included anything and everything having to do with roses - from the normal - roses themselves, garden equipment, planters, etc. - to the luxurious - rose scented soaps and lotions, rose print dishware and cloth and stationery and clothes - to the interesting gatronomical - rosepetal ice, rosehip tea, rose pepper and salt, rose and raspberry torte, rose truffles or cappucinos, and rose petal sparkling rosé wine. Yup. I tried all those cuisine items. In case you're wondering, the sparkling wine smells like roses and tastes similar to what I imagine rose petals would taste like. I still am not sure if I like it....in anycase, it was amazing to see such a variety of roses spreading over the whole of the park. Orange, red, white, grey-purple, candycane, snow white, peach, salmon, yellow, lemon, cream, burgundy, black-red, pale green yellow....I could go on and on. I was absolutely in flower heaven :-D and could not stop taking pictures (until my battery ran down on me - darn.) And by the end of the evening, the sun had come out and there was a gorgeous sunset...All in all, it was wonderful festival day!


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