14 July 2010

My Internship - Conquering the Crane

Yup. That's right. That's me. Just chilling at the top of a huge crane. You know, a normal part of a normal day's work :-D

Well, not exactly. But Herr Eder (our assistant Project Manager) and I had been wanting to go up to the top of that crane ever since it was set up a couple weeks and figured we'd wait to climb it until after the cornerstone-laying ceremony, when things would be less busy. Typical of what happens in our group, we planned on Wednesday morning to climb the crane, but then a presentation came around..and a meeting...and another meeting. So yeah, it was Wednesday still, but about 4 pm before things freed up for the two of us to go to the top of the crane.

And wow - it was exhilariting. As I told Herr Eder on the climb up, my fear of exposed heights is great, but my desire to get to the top of this thing is greater!! It kindof felt like climbing a kid's huge K'nex model...with the perk of it being real, and bigger. I kept looking at all the steel connections and oo-ing and ahh-ing over them (I took Steel last semester and will be taking Advanced Steel Design in the fall...I know, I'm crazy :-D ), which distracted me from the fact that I was on a glorified step ladder definitely more than "just a few" feet above the ground. I can't imagine why the rest of our group wasn't as enthusiastic as we two were about being that high (*wink*)

In anycase, at the top, the view was fantastic - I've got a pictures from where we were, and also from the bottom, so you'll get an idea of how high we were up in that amazing man-made stork (or giraffe)of crane.

All I can say is - Being a CE is awesome. :-D


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