27 October 2009

Dresden ~ October 1st to 3rd

For only two and a half days in Dresden, Jon Larson and I packed alot in! We arrived in the city late on Thursday evening and walked from the train station to Old Town where our hostel was located. We hadn't had dinner yet, so we wandered around until we found a Tex-Mex restaurant (go figure!). We shared some really awesome french fries and tried a local beer, sat there and chilled......and then we went to bed. The next day we walked all through the old town and new town (across the river). We found out later we had pretty much done the walking tour that the Rick Steves book recommends - 3 times! It rained alot, so we spent most of the day in the Zwinger palace's four art galleries: Old Masters, Armory, Sculptures, and the Porcelain Collection. Entrance to all of them was only 7.50 for a student pass, which is pretty good. I liked the Armory and the Old Masters the best, especially since I got to see a few Vermeer paintings(he's one of my favorite painters). We tried to go to the opera in the evening, but they were totally sold out, it being the premier night for La Traviata. Kindof disappointing, since apparently it was the only thing going on at all in the city that evening, other than a really weird looking play. So the evening was "exciting" - we just sat and read books and then slept. The last day we went to the VW Transparent Factory. Its this big glass building factory that produces luxury cars, with one shift a day...pretty to look at, but kindof a waste of money because of that. Then we had a long train home.......

there's more Dresden albums after this one too, so make sure you check the rest out!


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