30 October 2009

Two Week Break - Ireland & Sweden

For the first part of our two week break, Hilary, Jon Larson, and I headed off to Ireland and Sweden. We took a flight into Dublin and stayed there only one night and a day. That seems like a really short time for one city and it is. But we still saw all the sights around the city: Trinity College, the Guiness Storehouse, St. Patrick's Cathedral, etc. It was really expensive to stay in downtown Dublin, so I was really happy when we took a train west over to Killarney. Our hostel in Killarney was nice and homey - and cost 10 euros less per night. Killarney is a very tourist-y town. Right behind the main church is the entrance into Killarney State Park, which is where we hiked around on Sunday. It rained most of the day, but that didn't stop us. We took the trail around the lake and over to Ross Castle, a renovated tower castle from the days of the Irish chieftans. It was really cool. For dinner we had some warm (expensive) Irish home cooking and sampled local brews.

Stockholm, Sweden, was one of my favorite ever places to visit. It was absolutely gorgeous while we were there. Blue skies, clear of clouds, and the trees had just bloomed into their beautiful fall clothing - reds and yellows and oranges. It was really cold, but that just meant we took frequent breaks for hot chocolate or coffee, ha. In the three days we were there, Hilary and I : took a boat tour around the city, walked over its numerous bridges, strolled along the water, antique-shopped in old town, visited the VASA ship museum, got lost in the north side trying to find a restaurant, and spent an evening in the Nordic Museum learning about Swedish history. It was fantastic! I would definitely go there again. I hope you enjoy the pictures!



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