01 November 2009

PreHalloween Fun ~ October 29th

I guess it took my coming to Germany to learn how to carve a pumpkin. Yup. That's right. In all my nineteen years, I have never carved a pumpkin. There's always a first time!
Melanie Dark, the Valpo intern for the International Office here, invited four of us over to her apartment for pumpkin: our director and her daughter, me, and Sarah Wetzel, also from Valpo, and studying for the year at Tuebingen University. My pumpkin is fat and big enough that its already getting squishy now and I should probably throw it out. That's probably because it's near the heater. Oops. But it looked cool for the first couple nights. One side has a classic Jack-O'-Lantern smile, and the other side has moons and stars.

After our professor/director left, we had spaghetti dinner, which another student, Milka, joined us for. It was a great evening, just sitting around the dinner table, us four girls, talking about classes, cultures, languages, study abroad, and a whole assortment of subjects.


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