01 November 2009

Time Hurries On ~ November 1st

Time hurries on,
And the leaves that were green
Turn to brown
And they wither with the wind
And they crumble in your hand ~ S&G

This weekend was a lazy two days of relaxing, going to church, and spending time with friends. Yesterday I went downtown for the big Saturday market, which, since it is autumn, has a fantastic assortment of apples, gourds, squashes, etc etc. and other fruits of the harvest. Fresh honey and homemade juices and preserves graced the ends of many stands – along with such jam combinations as “kiwi-black currant-raspberry,” “pineapple-strawberry-banana,” “blackberry-sour cherry-orange” and many more. They all sounded so good I didn’t linger long, for fear my purse would end up strangely 10 euros lighter than it was before and my bag would miraculously have 5 times the number of jams I was originally planning on buying….I settled instead for some vibrant red-yellow apples, new prunes, and fresh sweet breads.

In the evening, a young couple from church, Markus and Miriam Liebe, invited me to go to dinner and the movies with them, which was 1. good practice for my German and 2. fun! They picked me up first, then we met up with two other friends downtown at the restaurant Alexandres before going to the movie theater. You are assigned a seat in the movies, which is kindof different than I’m used to, but I guess it makes sense. I also bought a big bag of sweet kettlecorn popcorn (typical German movie popcorn) and it was really good J So was the movie.

Today was church as usual, this time with communion since it is the first of the month. Then I worked on my Lebenslauf (German resume) with Melanie, took a nap, and decided to go for a walk around campus before dinner. It’s getting cold enough that you need a jacket all the time (which I forget. Probably why I have a cold again). The sun was getting low, but there was still plenty of light for me to take pictures. So now, dear curious reader, you can finally see what my campus looks like!


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