04 April 2010

My Internship - Surveying Class All Over Again

Look! It's grey and cloudy, there's snow on the ground, a bunch of people hunched over papers.....it must be the freshman surveying class at Valpo, trying to find the benchmark near the ARC!!!

....oh wait.....nope, guess I'm wrong. Let's try a better photo:

Yes, there *is* a brick building like the ARC in the background, but trust me, the photos are from the construction site here in Germany and the people in the photos are well-trained professionals, as opposed to the struggling beginners. I think my camera is the closest I get to surveying now. I suppose that's a good thing. Not that my lab partner and I did too badly back three years ago; between my awesome drawing abilities and his sweet skills with turning angles, we managed to yield quite accurate results. But I don't miss being exposed for three hours to the ever-changing pre-spring Valpo weather...snow, rain, ice, mud, puddles, slush, slop.....And we always had to lower the tripod for me, only to raise it again for him. Eventually one of us got tired of doing that, which meant either he was stooping down or I was on my tippytoes. Guess that's the price to pay for picking lab partners with large size differential.
Size seems to be a reoccuring theme here for me....ahh, the sad amusing realities of the short person. I suppose I should stick to my dirt. It's not as far away from me as say, the top of the tripod.

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