04 April 2010

My Internship - Yay Dirt! *ahem* sorry "Soil"

The borer on site...
It has been really exciting for me to watch the soil borer in action here for the last few weeks. No matter the weather, it is out there, making massive anteater holes and plugging them up with concrete. Concrete, dirt, and big machines....can a girl like me be any happier?!

But wait - just when you thought it was cool already. Prepare to be amazed.

We now have not one, but yes, TWO soil borers on the site! Yes, I know; you can hardly control yourself, I know. It was like: look at one end of the site - soil borer....look at other end of the site - soil borer again! Yay!

As you will now agree, I am officially crazy about dirt. I looked at the soil and couldn't help wondering what the moisture content was and decided I would have to perform an in-field visual test of the soil....basically an excuse to pick up a clump of what-I-determined-to-be poorly graded gravel with clay fines, rub it around in my hands, and call it sophisticated geotechnical analysis. At least it cooperated and yielded better results than my German skills do for me sometimes...

Yup. I love dirt and dirt loves me :-D


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